Indonesian-born Juni Pattimahu-Kusumanto  has lived in the Netherlands since the age of twelve where she attended the Breda Academy of Arts from 1991 till 1995.

‘(…) Largely black-white paintings with only sparks of other colours, presenting a fullness of hieroglyphs or lines like those carved in rock faces. With hands and feet she gives layers of messages, of which some are (almost) wiped out.’
Frans Groot, artist and anthropologist

Most of the artist’s earlier works are inspired by the nonviolence philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and reflect the idea  that the absolute truth should be one’s aim when making life choices and relating to others. Nonviolence is a tool to practise empathy, to give, to create space, to forgive and to reach balanced human relations. In her later works, nature takes a more central role with the rainforest ecological system as metaphor of harmony.
For her drawings and paintings, the artist has used acrylic, pencil, charcoal, crayon, stylus and ink on paper. Furthermore, she has made drawings  while using lining, needle and thread.